More Testimonials

I just couldn't go to sleep without telling you how thankful I am for you and for the session today. I have the deep feeling that it was the beginning of something life-transforming for which I have been searching my whole life. I've been using my brain for decades and trying to tell myself what to feel and forcing my body into conformity. For the first time today, I really feel like my body was given a "voice" and for the first time I experienced sensations of a profound hope that I had given up on finding, thanks to you.
Darby D., Los Angeles, Ca
Brian's approach is gentle yet powerful. He has helped me overcome trauma following a car accident as well as some trauma from my childhood. He genuinely cares about his clients and has an incredible amount of empathy and understanding. He gives his full attention and care when conducting each session which makes it easy to open up to him. I am so thankful I found him as I was really struggling before. After several sessions with Brian my physical health improved and I became more confident and clear about what I wanted from life. I feel more in touch with my body and more assured about moving ahead in life. I highly recommend doing a few sessions with Brian if you are feeling stuck in any way, physically or emotionally.
Megha Kamra, New Jersey
I don't even have words to adequately describe how different I already feel in my body. I have a measure of incredible peace inside of my physical body that I have never experienced, even (and especially) as a child.

Yesterday something that I experienced as overwhelmingly traumatic happened to me. I started to freak out, and then I remembered sitting with you, and I remembered to feel every sensation in my body and to let it run it's course, as unbearable as it felt. I felt extreme nausea; I felt like my stomach was on fire inside; it felt like there was a ball of fire turning over and over and over. I felt a tightening of my throat; I observed that I wasn't breathing. When the sensations would come, I just let them, and they didn't overwhelm me! After years and years of panic attacks to the point of passing out, I was able to NOT freak out that I was freaking out that I was freaking out, as you say. :) For the first time, instead of feeling panic and thinking there's something wrong with me (and that I need to control it) I knew that this was something right with my nervous system and that I could let the process run it's course. I could feel the support that you've given me from here.

Typically after a terrifying experience, I wake up with that pinched nerve in my shoulder which leads to a three day and three night migraine. This is the first time that didn't happen.

This is nothing short of a miracle. I had have been telling everyone I have a real conversation with about you. I am so thankful, I don't even know what to say. But I know that you will understand, because I think you yourself know the gratitude that comes with realizing it's actually possible to exist in the world and NOT live life as a hyper-vigilant or traumatized person. I can feel that gratitude for the work coming through you when I'm with you.

Truly...thank you.

Darby D., Los Angeles, Ca
Wow Is all i have to say, big shift happened! i finally understand a lot of my anger, its all about not defending my boundries, and also much of my anxiety is fear about asserting myself. I never learned to assert myself because of the traumas i experienced as a kid. It really was a survival strategy i couldn't be assertive as a kid. I understand what you've been talking about now. All this hit me like a 2x4 over the head on Saturday. I was feeling a lot of anger when i got up, but had no idea why. It finally all started to make sense that it was because i didn't want to do what other people wanted me to do later on that day. Today I've been asserting myself more and being prepared to do it, if I need to as well. My emotions make a lot more sense now. Its a lot of change to take so quick, but the alternative is much worse :) Looking forward to our next session and continuing this process.

Working with Brian is a great experience. I never get overwhelmed during sessions, and it is great working with someone who "gets it." You're in good hands.

Keith J.,
I feel very positive about the decision to heal with Brian. What I like most is how Brian meets you right where you are. Brian is a compassionate and gentle somatic practitioner. I have experienced episodes of anxiety & depression in my life. I want to do the work & put in the time to move into a more hopeful state of being.
Kelly Z.,
I have been living with panic attacks that have been keeping me from driving on highways, overpasses, and bridges. Drugs DO NOT heal you....they mask the symptoms and can even make them worse. With Brians help, I am seeing positive results. I can drive some places I haven't been able to drive in a while and that feels SOOOO good. This is not a quick fix for me like it has been for some others, but it is THE fix. It's amazing to learn how our body and minds work (or don't work as we want them to). Brian is calming and super easy to talk to. If he lived near me I'd go in person. I will continue with him until I am driving wherever and whenever I want. I 100% feel that will happen. The gains I've made so far are more than I thought I'd ever get. I would recommend Brian to friends and family without question. I truly feel God led me to Brian.
John H.,
I really have a lot of love for Brian. He is a great therapist and helped me tap into the inner energies of my body. This skill has been unbelievably helpful for me since I had previously always lived in my head. My work with Brian opened up a whole other door to being in the world - through my body, energy and sensations. Can't imagine where I'd be today without this work.
Ben S., Los Angeles, CA
Brian was delightful! His understanding of trauma is impressive.. and the way he works with it is certainly unique and extremely effective. I have worked with various healers.. somatic and otherwise. His approach was very quick and cut right to the chase.
I told him that I have a problem being able to catch details and that leads to problems in my private as well as professional life. Within 5 minutes of sensing into my body, we had zeroed in on my negative core belief and then Brian was very quickly able to move me into integration. That was only session 1. I quickly booked another appointment for next week. Can't wait to see what else is possible.

Samy C,
As always it was great. Brian's intuitive command of SE and his ability to seize the right moment to have you experience what is important is amazing. Each session has been an amazing journey. Thank you.
Richard C,
About thirty minutes after the session I felt a release of pressure and some positive memories appeared that were previously blocked. comforting to know that the procedure can be gentle. I had the reassuring feeling that Brian was kind and trustworthy which allowed me to share experiences that I would otherwise have kept bottled up.
Shannon C,
About thirty minutes after the session I felt a release of pressure and some positive memories appeared that were previously blocked. comforting to know that the procedure can be gentle. I had the reassuring feeling that Brian was kind and trustworthy which allowed me to share experiences that I would otherwise have kept bottled up.
Shannon C,
Brian was great! He called promptly at the appointed time, answered all questions, listened carefully, and was kind, patient, and clear in his responses. I look forward to our first session.
wendy k,
What Brian does is amazing. It is pretty similar to a therapy session with a psychologist in that you are doing some talk therapy and you have that back and forth. But what Bryan does goes much deeper because he connects your mind back to your body and allows some emotions to come out that may have been suppressed that no amount of regular talk therapy would be able to do. After his sessions I have noticed a very tangible and positive shift in my whole body and mind, feeling much lighter and empowered.
Bo H., Pacific Palisades, CA
A Phenomenal Hour

My initial consultation with Brian was a lot more than I expected. I came into the session feeling anxious and listless and left with a clear head and energized. Plus, Brian gave me a one-minute exercise that I use several times a day to get me out of my head and feeling present. I can't believe the effect just one session has had on me and, of course, am looking forward to many more. Feeling very fortunate to have found Brian.

Wayne M.,
Brian is peace, integrity and thoroughness personified. LOVE him.
Mary W., Santa Monica, CA