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Testimonials of Somatic Experiencing

I just couldn’t go to sleep without telling you how thankful I am for you and for the session today. I have the deep feeling that it was the beginning of something life-transforming for which I have been searching my whole life. I’ve been using my brain for decades and trying to tell myself what to feel and forcing my body into conformity. For the first time today, I really feel like my body was given a “voice” and for the first time I experienced sensations of a profound hope that I had given up on finding, thanks to you.

- Darby D., Los Angeles, Ca

I recently had a Somatic Experiencing session with Brian and it was amazing. It reminded me of cranial sacral as an organic and fluid experience, except I was fully involved in the session. It was profound in that quiet way the very best things in life are.

Brian brings his passion for his work, his natural warmth, and his sense of humor that I adore to each session.
- D. Gibbons. Portland, Oregon

I recently went through breast cancer. I had traumatic surgeries and emotional depression. My doctors wanted to treat me for post traumatic stress dissorder. I have known Brian for 30 years and he is the only person I would trust to help me through this. Love you Brian. Thank you.
- Lisa W., Ohio
I feel like I have reached a place where I am comfortable with my progress and am ecstatic that I have achieved all I set out to in terms of memory gain and release of emotional baggage, all of which would not have been possible without your help.

I would like to thank you greatly as I felt very comfortable with you and the SE process due to your professional and empathic manner.

Once again thank you for your help and sincerity, all of which helped me reach a place I couldn’t imagine existed … Comfortable in my own skin.
-Sandy D., Australia

Brian D. Mahan is a highly skilled Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. I utilized Brian’s services via Skype following a high velocity car crash, and experienced incredible results. I went from feeling highly reactive, sensitive and easily startled following my accident to feeling balanced, at ease and confident behind the wheel after working with Brian. I feel better than I ever have and believe that with his help, I was able to heal not only from the car crash but also some previous trauma. I highly recommend working with Brian.
-Elisha B., Austin Tx

Brian Mahan holds a special place in my heart. His unique (and much needed) skill set is succeeded only by his warmth and genuine care for his clients. I’m thankful for having the chance to work with him. The work we did helped me brought about changes in me and is something that will continue to build upon itself for years to come.
-Ben S.
I am very fortunate to have met Brian trough a friend, at a time when I needed help.

In 2005, I was raped during a robbery. As soon we started to meet weekly, I slowly begin to feel like myself again. Brian’s professionalism, therapeutic skills, knowledge, calmness, love of his work and faith in me, saved me from constantly living in fear of strangers. He brought me back to life when I thought my life was over. When I sometimes experience fear, I can use his techniques to make me feel safe wherever I am. His Somatic Experiencing work made me a stronger person and happy in life.
- Zoe T.

He returns calls promptly, keeps his appointments and always makes sure I am okay. I could not ask for anything more in a healer and a friend.
N. Donahoe

Any time I shift uncomfortably he guides and encourages me, with gentle inquiry, to stay present. I always leave feeling empowered and more contained, centered. His knowledge and practice has helped me profoundly to feel more embodied and aware.
K. Potthoff

There’s truly a connection and Brian is able to instantly hone in the areas that need attention and allow us to release the issues that are preventing us from moving forward. This has brought an awareness over my mind-body connection that I will always have with myself. Thank you!
R. Lahoti

Brian is totally committed to his clients’ well-being. He goes all out to achieve results. He invests in you wholeheartedly. Truly exceptional.
C. Steinberg

I started working with Brian in the Somatic Experiencing work because I had been dealing with a lot of anger and rage whose source was unknown to me. I knew that traditional therapy can take years (and a LOT of money) to uncover certain repressed memories and traumas and that it can often re-traumatize you to talk about these experiences. I was totally skeptical the first time I met with Brian because he doesn’t put his hands on you much or use any physical tools, he just begins to talk you into this place- a place I had never been- that helps your body access the places where you are harboring your trauma. HOLY COW! It was amazing!! Not only do you go into the most incredible meditation but your body literally twitches and shudders out the trauma! And at the end of each session I would have the most wonderful body sensations. I have never felt anything so good. It’s like space has been created in places all over your and you are floating off the table. I swear in all my 34 years I have never been open enough, due to my trauma, to love fully and be loved. This year, only a few months after my 5th session I think it was, I experienced the most riveting and inspiring and heart opening love of my life.
M. Hilliard

He has a tremendous range of intuition, empathy, knowledge, skill, and compassion. His capacity to understand both the physical body and mind has helped me to explore trauma in ways that I never imagined. His calm and intuitive nature has clearly helped my quest for knowledge and self-acceptance and understanding. The skills I have developed with Brian in Somatic Experiencing will last a lifetime. The SE work I have done with Brian has enabled me with greater conscious choices and freedom I have not known before.
B. Jacobs

My Somatic Experience with Brian Mahan was a complicated journey through the spider webs of my mind. At times I wanted to quit however, Brian has a very kind and gentle way about him therefor allowing me to explore the darkest parts of my painful history. One of my favorite tools that Brian gave back to me are my five senses. Checking in with myself and staying grounded has allowed me to stay in each and every moment. Thanks to Brian Mahan’s introduction into Somatic Experience, I am forever in possession of many tools to live a healthy and present long life!
A. Roth

Brian and the SE method have transformed my life. I’ve gone from being house bound and suffering from Fibromyalgia to a productive and happy person. I highly recommend Brian. He will help you and take you light years beyond normal psychotherapy ever could.
A. MacClean

With his guidance and SE healing techniques, I learned how to be more centered and aware; I felt more empowered that I had ever been in my life. He taught me how to resolve, release and heal my body and my mind. I re-learned how to best of myself.
C. Hong

I feel very positive about the decision to heal with Brian. What I like most is how Brian meets you right where you are. Brian is a compassionate and gentle somatic practitioner. I have experienced episodes of anxiety & depression in my life. I want to do the work & put in the time to move into a more hopeful state of being.
– Kelly Z.

God, and Brian aren’t done with me yet!!

I have been living with panic attacks that have been keeping me from driving on highways, overpasses, and bridges. Drugs DO NOT heal you….they mask the symptoms and can even make them worse. With Brians help, I am seeing positive results. I can drive some places I haven’t been able to drive in a while and that feels SOOOO good. This is not a quick fix for me like it has been for some others, but it is THE fix. It’s amazing to learn how our body and minds work (or don’t work as we want them to). Brian is calming and super easy to talk to. If he lived near me I’d go in person. I will continue with him until I am driving wherever and whenever I want. I 100% feel that will happen. The gains I’ve made so far are more than I thought I’d ever get. I would recommend Brian to friends and family without question. I truly feel God led me to Brian.
– John H.

So powerful during the session, yet brings about so much peace afterwards.

Can’t say enough about my experience. I’ve done countless forms of therapy and healing since the age of 10 having suffered from panic attacks starting that age. I felt like I knew many of my issues and past traumas but there was still a nagging pain and anxiety lingering inside me. I came randomly came across SOMA therapy and Brian on a google search. Hesitantly I called and took a chance on a first appointment. As soon as we dived into the session I knew this was exactly what I needed. He took me directly to the root of my pain without having to do countless hours of talking about my past or previous traumas. This is exactly what I was hoping for. The added bonus is that he is so intuitive, gentle and present. I can’t ask for anything more. I’m committed this line of work for so many reasons now.
– Meline M.

Root healing in a safe space

I have done a lot of inner work throughout my life. This session was a whole new experience. Ive always thought inner work was difficult and should be in depth. I learned that the body and the brain can heal on their own given the opportunity. I had such a great experience with Brian; from his caring eyes, and touch to the skills he possesses to walk you through your difficult times. I left feeling tired and unsure of my ‘success’ in the session. Woke up the next morning feeling like a new person. The black cloud was gone and I felt like I could tackle the world. Coincidence? I think not. Thank you so much for your love, generosity and effort you put into bettering our lives. MM
– Anonymus M.

As always it was great. Brian’s intuitive command of SE and his ability to seize the right moment to have you experience what is important is amazing. Each session has been an amazing journey. Thank you.
– Richard C.

First session and it was very encouraging.

About thirty minutes after the session I felt a release of pressure and some positive memories appeared that were previously blocked. comforting to know that the procedure can be gentle. I had the reassuring feeling that Brian was kind and trustworthy which allowed me to share experiences that I would otherwise have kept bottled up.
– Shannon C.

A Phenomenal Hour

My initial consultation with Brian was a lot more than I expected. I came into the session feeling anxious and listless and left with a clear head and energized. Plus, Brian gave me a one-minute exercise that I use several times a day to get me out of my head and feeling present. I can’t believe the effect just one session has had on me and, of course, am looking forward to many more. Feeling very fortunate to have found Brian.
– Wayne M.

After a lifetime of various therapies, I finally found someone who sincerely helps! Thank you, thank you, Brian!

This is a long review, but it is very sincere: I have lived through very serious trauma, along with a chronic illness; as a result, my daily life is extremely challenging. I have had crippling physical and emotional repercussions to live through. I have been incredibly diligent with my personal survival and growth, and I am always willing to search for answers. Though I have found some things helpful, I have mostly been on my own when it comes to my emotional coping skills. Brian was strongly referred to me by a friend from a support group, and I decided that I would try yet another angle of healing, so I booked my first appointment. Traditional talk therapy was helpful to a degree (which is why I continued to do it for many years) however, after a few sessions with Brian Mahan, an entirely new world of hope and rapid progress opened up for me! I really was constantly surprised by how much I would learn about myself after each session. And let me tell you, I am such an introspective and deep-thinking person. So when I learn something about myself, with the facilitating of someone else, it is just amazing. I swear, Brian has helped to save me from a life of dark heaviness and horrible daily cycles of relived trauma. I honestly go to bed every single night thanking God for Brian Mahan. I am so thankful that I decided to do my first few sessions. Now, I feel like I have myself back. I really do owe so much of that to Brian. To think that one person has the ability to bring someone through such an important and viable process, and to do it so effortlessly– it is incredible. I could never thank him enough. What a kind and generous person he is. I know that I am rejoicing very loudly here over Brian, but I usually do not gush like this. It is just that he really is this gifted. Very smart, very loving, very open and always excited to see growth in others. –Now THAT is the kind of health care professional that we all need!!! I have been searching for someone like this my entire life. Love love LOVE this gifted man!!!
– Franky D.

The Best Hour of My Week

My work with Brian is always a joy. We seem to accomplish wonderful things in short order. Magically, fixing one issue generalizes across contexts and fixes other things we did not work on!!! I can’t say enough positive things about Brian and Somatic Experiencing:-)
– Wendy K.

20 Minute Free Consultation

Brian was great! He called promptly at the appointed time, answered all questions, listened carefully, and was kind, patient, and clear in his responses. I look forward to our first session.
– Wendy k.

Brian and Somatic Experiencing are a Powerful Combination

Working with Brian has shifted alot of things in my life for the better. It’s not easy or lazy work, but well worth it….especially if you’ve tried other types of therapy and haven’t found real change I highly recommend Somatic Experiencing work for resolving past trauma. He’s both a caring, talented and compassionate therapist and friend in the journey.
– Leela R.

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