Somatic Experiencing Session

A Typical Somatic Experiencing Session

Somatic Experiencing (SE) is an experiential process, including learning new skill-sets to counteract stress, anxiety, P.T.S.D., panic attacks, negative mental chatter, self-sabotage, disorientation, dissociation, disconnection, etc. The, fore mentioned, skill-sets, help to recondition and reinstate orienting responses, grounding, centering, boundaries, a sense of connection, empowerment, safety, healthy aggression and joyfulness.

A Somatic Experiencing session is similar to traditional “talk” therapy (for lack of a better term), except that the focus is on the biology rather than the biography. Talk therapy works more with the higher brain (rational mind), while SE focuses on the lower brain survival (instinct) responses, the autonomic nervous system, and the “felt” sense.

Because the lower brain doesn’t know the difference between that which is real and that which is perceived, guided visualization and the imagination can be used to help to renegotiate past events on a cellular memory level.

Touch can be incorporated as a way to resource the client with a sense of support and to increase attention and connection to sensation and the body itself, but this is not massage. The client may remain seated or recline during the session.

Much time and attention is spent getting the client resourced (feeling better). Delving into past events cathartically is avoided, as that can re-traumatize and further set trauma into the system.

Sessions are about one hour in length and, initially, most effective in consecutive weekly or bi-weekly appointments. Please allow for extra time, as the session does NOT necessarily end, because 50 minutes has passed.