Somatic Experiencing Benefits – How Does This Technique Work?

Imagine feeling present, grounded, centered, boundaried, embodied, empowered, in the moment, safe and joyful!

This transformative process can allow you to deepen your sense of connection to self and others. The healing journey can be an “awakening” to untapped resources and can help you to achieve an increased sense of vitality and flow.

Most of us have spent years trying to change the external environment (the details and circumstances of our lives) in an effort to change the internal environment (the way that we “feel”).

Perhaps the final frontier is within. If you don’t go within … then you go without.

Somatic Experiencing for Repetitive Behavior or Destructive Patterns

When the autonomic nervous system is discharged and residual immobilizations of the fight/flight/freeze responses are renegotiated, people frequently experience a dramatic reduction in or disappearance of their traumatic symptoms.

Whether there are conscious events (abuse, abandonment, neglect, rape, car accidents, near death experiences, divorce, falls, disability, medical procedures, loss, natural disasters, etc.) that you know have left a lasting impression on your world and life, or, if you are confounded by repetitive behavior or destructive patterns (P.T.S.D., self-sabotage, stage-fright, social anxiety disorder, habits, compulsions, depression, phobias, vicious cycles, etc.), then Somatic Experiencing may be just the path you needed to find!

Because the body (physiology) is the common denominator of all of life’s ‘traumatic’ experiences, healing can be profound, illogical and non-linear.