The forgotten heroes who tirelessly work with the victims of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) will have an opportunity to receive help for their own stress through a workshop in Richmond.

Healers 4 Helpers, a collaboration between nonprofits Perfectly Babies foundation and Sister 4 Sister, will hold two classes Nov. 21 -22 at the Barrett Avenue Christian Church at 3701 Barrett Ave.

The first day’s workshop helps helpers identify and reduce symptoms of compassion fatigue, while the second day’s workshop offers an in-depth look at assessing and treating secondary traumatic stress reaction.

Secondary traumatic stress is the emotional challenges that result when someone hears the firsthand trauma experiences of another person, according to The National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN). Its symptoms are similar to PTSD.

“Individuals affected by secondary stress may find themselves re-experiencing personal trauma or notice an increase in arousal and avoidance reactions related to the indirect trauma exposure,” according to NCTSN. “They may also experience changes in memory and perception; alterations in their sense of self-efficacy; a depletion of personal resources; and disruption in their perceptions of safety, trust, and independence.”

Healers 4 Helpers adds: “These men and women work tirelessly with clients from all walks of life for more than just a paycheck.  They pour their hearts and soul into helping others.”


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