26 Sep 2017
September 26, 2017

Dogs in Dyer trained to ‘block’ PTSD triggers

Kip Geyer is a dog trainer at Landheim Training & Boarding Center in Dyer, but he also serves as sort of an offensive line coach. “We train dogs to sense what’s happening and to block the person suffering from PTSD from any potential problems,” Geyer said. Geyer is lead trainer at Landheim, 13200 W. 109th.. read more →

There’s growing evidence that a physical injury to the brain can make people susceptible to post-traumatic stress disorder. Studies of troops who deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan have found that service members who have suffered a concussion or mild traumatic brain injury are far more likely to develop PTSD, a condition that can cause flashbacks,.. read more →

Suppose that a million or more members of the US Armed Forces and veterans were suffering from an epidemic that could not be prevented, treated or cured — and 20 of them were dying from it every day. Would we address it as a national emergency, mobilizing resources, coordinating research, and insisting on answers? They.. read more →