06 Oct 2017
October 6, 2017

Slaying the PTSD monster FILED UNDER

Post traumatic stress disorder is a sobering topic. In some ways it’s like a cancer, initially going unnoticed by the afflicted while gestating and evolving into a monster. There is an explanation for its presence, and its presence is purely malevolent. There is no benefit for those burdened by this beast. The incessant heightened awareness,.. read more →

London researchers have learned more about how the brain changes in those with post-traumatic stress disorder, insights they hope will lead to more effective treatment. A team at Lawson Health Research Institute led by Dr. Ruth Lanius has mapped out changes in connections within the brain that were apparent even when people with post-traumatic stress.. read more →

NHS study finds 12.6% of women aged 16-24 screen positive for PTSD, 19.7% self-harm and 28.2% have a mental health condition. Those aged between 16 and 24 are described as the ‘first cohort to come of age in social media ubiquity’. Photograph: Ian Canham/Alamy Sexual violence, childhood trauma and pressures from social media are being.. read more →