For decades, scientists believed that once we reached adulthood, our brain was incapable of any change beyond than the negative alterations associated with disease and aging. We now know that the brain is incredibly dynamic, with a potentially unlimited ability to change throughout our entire lifespan. At any age, new neural pathways can be created.. read more →

We need to ask ourselves if our media messages and motivational talks that overplay the concepts of bravery and heroism among boys are doing more harm than good. The devastating impact of a traumatic life experiences such as a terrorist attack cannot be denied. The risk of developing psychological after-affects including depression, post-traumatic stress disorder.. read more →

Walk the streets of Jerusalem, and there’s still a palpable air of tension, two months into the series of knifing, shooting and car attacks that have killed and wounded dozens. It’s paralyzing to feel scared, said Gina Ross, an expert on the effects of trauma. Her advice? “Discharge the fear,” she said. For Ross, an.. read more →