If you’re like many Americans, you probably work long hours and take few vacations. It’s a recipe for burnout. But what if there were a way to be successful without pushing yourself to the brink? Psychologist Emma Seppala has studied ways to help people who are chronically stressed out, and her findings could help many.. read more →

A new RAND report found that service members receive varying levels of mental health care based on pay grade.   A recent study by RAND Corp. found that the military’s treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder and depression was impacted by an individual’s pay grade, with higher ranking personnel receiving greater access to medication and treatment.. read more →

‘Our patients pay a huge price for surviving critical illness’ ORLANDO — The long-term, often life-altering, physical, cognitive, and mental impairments associated with ICU stays are common following hospitalization for critical illness, especially among patients who undergo mechanical ventilation, an expert said here. But few patients or family members understand the potential impact of post-ICU.. read more →

17 Dec 2016
December 17, 2016

‘Neuro-Hackers’ Create, Delete Memories

PBS’s long-running series “Nova” has been bringing the good word from the world of science since the 1970s. I have fond memories of tuning in as a kid, twisting the channel dial on our family’s cathode-ray, cabinet-style television. (Younger readers may need to look up several of these terms.) Nova’s latest documentary premieres this week.. read more →

Exposure to sexual violence may alter the female brain and reduce maternal behaviour needed to care for offspring, a new study suggests. The researchers discovered that pre-pubescent female rodents paired with sexually experienced males elevated the levels of stress hormones — could not learn as well and expressed reduced maternal behaviours that needed to care.. read more →