LONDON – Elderly people forced out of their homes and separated from neighbors in the aftermath of a natural disaster may be more prone to dementia than survivors who are able to remain in their dwellings, a new study suggests. This, at least, is how things unfolded after the 2011 tsunami and earthquake in the.. read more →

GARFIELD, Mich. —  Every day a firefighter clocks into work, they are putting their lives at risk. What a lot of people don’t realize, is even when their shift is over, the risk continues. This year alone, more than 100 firefighters in the United States have taken their own lives while dealing with post-traumatic stress.. read more →

October 31st is not Halloween to me anymore. No, I am not against Halloween. I still pass out candy to the kids who dress up and ring my doorbell. In fact, I love seeing the children in the neighborhood wearing their costumes excited to see what treat I have for them. You see, on October.. read more →