Financial stress is no joke. It can screw with your appetite, your sleeping habits, and it can even affect how well you perform on the job. But a new study by a financial wellness company shows a surprising and serious result of difficult money problems—posttraumatic stress disorder. PHOTO: STOCKSY That’s right. According to the Payoff.. read more →

Find out how debt is turning the American Dream into the American Nightmare—and what to do about it The American Dream has long been seen as the ultimate goal for life happiness and success, but how we get it, and the ensuing debt, is quickly turning it into the American Nightmare. Over 80 percent of.. read more →

Regions of the brain associated with stress and post traumatic stress disorder. Credit: National Institutes of Health Increased activation of the prefrontal cortex, the area of the brain that regulates complex cognitive, emotional and behavioral functioning, appears to protect against post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in individuals who suffered abuse as a child, says a recent.. read more →