Walk the streets of Jerusalem, and there’s still a palpable air of tension, two months into the series of knifing, shooting and car attacks that have killed and wounded dozens. It’s paralyzing to feel scared, said Gina Ross, an expert on the effects of trauma. Her advice? “Discharge the fear,” she said. For Ross, an.. read more →

Oprah Winfrey: “All the money and all the fame and all of the attention and the glamorous life and the success and all of that doesn’t mean one thing if you can’t control your own being.” Dr Oz: “But let me pick up on something Oprah said that is so beautiful. For her, obesity became.. read more →

We can all identify with patterns in our lives that seem to be hard-wired and immutable. And that is why Oprah is every man and every woman, wealth, power and fame aside. Her authenticity, integrity, and transparency are nonpareil. She has invited us into her public persona and her personal journey as we have invited.. read more →