A survivors’s statement at her attacker’s sentencing are helping to shed light on the trauma follows sexual assault. “You touched my soul in a way that haunts me in my sleep,” 21-year-old Melissa Maher told the court during the sentencing of Patrick Whetstone. The court sentenced Whetstone, also 21, to two years probation after he.. read more →

Three weeks into her new job — a contract position at a Canadian company — Roslyn, 23, who did not want her last name used, was raped by a coworker. They had been introduced by a close friend, and he’d been driving her home each day after their shift ended at midnight in exchange for.. read more →

Sexual violence happens to people of all ages, genders, sexual orientations, religions, abilities, professions, incomes, races and ethnicities. Although females have a much higher risk of sexual assault during their lives, males are also victims, particularly as boys and adolescents. As in sexual assaults against females, against boys and men it is also an act.. read more →