by Laura Piché on June 18, 2012 When a doctor applies a cast and your broken bone heals, is it the doctor or your own body that has done the healing? The answer is one of the keys to the SE® approach. In this 5-minute video, founder of Somatic Experiencing®, Dr. Peter Levine discusses.. read more →

Somatic Experiencing News Happy Holidays! I would like to offer all of my previous clients a COMPLIMENTARY Somatic Experiencing session, during this season of gratitude and review.. It would mean so much to me to hear how you have been doing and to continue to assist you in any way that I can! We’ll call.. read more →

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder As a Severe Condition Post traumatic stress disorder can lead to physical diseases & syndromes if left untreated. Find out more from this video how stress anxiety, panic and PTSD can make you sick. Are past traumatic events making you sick?   read more →