October 31st is not Halloween to me anymore. No, I am not against Halloween. I still pass out candy to the kids who dress up and ring my doorbell. In fact, I love seeing the children in the neighborhood wearing their costumes excited to see what treat I have for them. You see, on October.. read more →

Do you ever blame stress for causing your brain to not work properly? Maybe you say something like, “I I weren’t so stressed, I wouldn’t have forgotten to do that.” At the University of California, Berkeley researchers have actually found that chronic stress is changing the connections and the structure of the cells in your.. read more →

For decades, scientists believed that once we reached adulthood, our brain was incapable of any change beyond than the negative alterations associated with disease and aging. We now know that the brain is incredibly dynamic, with a potentially unlimited ability to change throughout our entire lifespan. At any age, new neural pathways can be created.. read more →