Suppose that a million or more members of the US Armed Forces and veterans were suffering from an epidemic that could not be prevented, treated or cured — and 20 of them were dying from it every day. Would we address it as a national emergency, mobilizing resources, coordinating research, and insisting on answers? They.. read more →

15 Sep 2017
September 15, 2017

Therapy for Veterans With PTSD

To the Editor: Re “Tackling PTSD, With Sharks and Yoga” (news article, Sept. 18): Physical exercise releases chemicals in the brain that have long been recognized by therapists as improving the mood of patients in the days between therapy sessions. Scuba diving as described seems to have added benefits. For some veterans, these exercises become.. read more →

As you already know, there’s an outright epidemic of post-traumatic stress disorder. It’s no longer “the invisible epidemic;” it’s visible to the point where special courts exist for veterans diagnosed with PTSD. Its status as an outright epidemic – in these times – does raise some suspicions about the culture. Why now? Even though the.. read more →